Con la Mano is a very different kind of design shop.

Are you a small or indie business? Have an online magazine, blog, or creative service? Or just a human with a Social Media presence?


Well, hello, there. We're Con la Mano.

We believe businesses of all sizes should be able to access artful Social Media Assets at an affordable cost.




Hand rendered art, in a variety of pattern styles. Colorful images and conversation starting imagery.


Photos & Design

Simple photos more your business style? Graphic design might fit the occasion? We create the right mood.


Positive Messages

 A positive message can brighten anyone's day. Surprise your clientele with a happy, colorful, uplifting image.

Access to fun, colorful,  postable social media assets.


Yes, we're making postable a word. Gain access to hundreds of ready-to-use images for Social Media posts and Newsletter emails. Just copy and paste, or save and upload. No guesswork. Image posting made easy.

We've worked with a lot of small businesses that can't afford access to a graphic designer or illustrator to create custom images for them. We believe every small business should be able to afford usable images, created by hand by another small business. We want to encourage growth.



We take the guess work out of searching for usable images.


The internet is a vast and giant land. You want to be more Social Media savvy, but hiring designers takes time, and finding an image on the internet doesn't always mean you should repost it. It could be copyrighted, or personal. And if you are able to find that image that is perfect and usable and so on-brand- but it's too small, and making it bigger just makes it look awful. It's time to go to that big stock image place... there are so many! Searching through all of these images is going to take a while, and they're still slightly out of your budget... *sigh.*

Con la Mano was created to alleviate the stresses image posting can create, when you should be focused on what you know best, your small business.



Shop Local


Small businesses grow communities, which grows your business. Cycles, energies, and feelings. That's the social in Social Media. Let your clients get to know you, and get to know them.



Hand drawn imagery


All of the images produced for Con la Mano are drawn by hand, "con la mano." Colored and assembled in Photoshop, with a minimum width of 800 pixels (most sized at 1000 pixels for maximum clarity). They are rendered with social media use in mind, ready to post. Styles range from bold black and white to colorfully detailed. Themes vary from food to humor, positive messages and abstract art. Sometimes your post just needs a background, or let your post be inspired by the art.



Inclusive and diverse imagery.


We strive to be body positive and diverse. Representation matters.